February 6th 2021. Today I Touch Base.

Where have I been? I have to ask myself this often, to take stock. Mentally I feel great. The move in with my boyfriend has gone swimmingly. Combining our lives has been so rewarding in multiple ways. My boyfriend, Mike and I are so happy to have this time together to discover a deeper love. Covid did more to keep us together in this difficult time than I could have imagined. And although the battle continues, my phase to be vaccinated is approaching soon! My domestic front is blissful.

Treatment wise, I am currently in an aggressive cycle of chemotherapy. I am taking three drugs each cycle, two being administered via pill capsule. The third I have to visit the IV infusion suite, but the infusion is very quick. From the time I check in to the last drop of the IV is less than an hour. I am very grateful that the only side effect I have felt has been fatigue. So I always quote my neuro-oncologist and say “I am doing as well as I feel I am doing”. And I feel great… so I am great.

All in all, I feel a calmness settling in to 2021. If this was Star Wars, I’d call this chapter of my life “a new hope.” May the force be with you!

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