Thursday June 18th 2020. Today I am sticking to the facts.

Yesterday I had an MRI. The positive news is that there is a decrease in the foggy areas on the scan. The foggy bits are called exactly that because the physical sensation of having them matches the visual description perfectly. I feel a little foggy. But it is a gross improvement from where I was on my last MRI. I have graduated from Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy because this fog has lifted. This is the successful outcome of the Hyperbaric Treatment.

Yesterday’s scan was the same type of scan (MRI with profusion) that showed some trouble spots before. If you remember from previous posts, when the image comes back to us we see my brain in shades of grey. But because of the contrast dye injected into my veins at the time of the scan, the doctors can determine which parts of the tumor are active. Active cancer cells are red, dying cells are yellow, and dead cells are blue. Yesterday’s scan shows there is an increase in red areas. It does not look like a huge increase in cancer cell activity, but it is enough for my team to suggest I switch Chemotherapy drugs.

I am weighing my options for therapy in the next several days and I am in active dialogue with my team to understand what this looks like. From the get go I have wanted the quality of my life to come first and enjoy this time to the fullest. So I do have some soul searching about the consequences and side-effects of this new chemotherapy drug. And to clarify, the drug is not new and has been the standard care model since the 1960’s. I was on the “newer” (Temodar), which the verdict is still out on its effectiveness for my brain tumor type (Oligodendroglioma). More specifics to follow soon.

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