May 16th 2020. Today I fantasize.

Like in the novel, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, I feel like I have experienced a real deep sea dive. It is the only way to describe the experience. My fellow divers meet in the prep room, in front of an underwater dolphin mural. We are then wheeled into what I can only describe as a rectangular submarine. We each gear up by putting on giant bubble helmets with pure oxygen being pumped into them. They snap in place with scuba gear gaskets, making the seals airtight. Once the crew makes the last prep, the huge metal vault door gets sealed from inside by our “diving instructor”. 3. 2. 1 Dive! A massive wave of air and rushing sounds sends a signal to all divers that we have begun our decent. The room is pressurized to an atmosphere of 32 feet below sealevel. It takes an aggressive ear popping campaign to alleviate the built up pressure. But in the end I am left with an hour and half worth of highly pressurized pure oxygen filling my lungs. This oxygen infusion treatment is the thing of the future. It is the future!

We return to the surface, revitalized and oxygenated on a micro and macro level. And then I do it all over again, for approximately 40 days… 2 of 40 complete. It’s going to be a very oxygen filled summer.

2 Replies to “May 16th 2020. Today I fantasize.”

  1. Wow I was riveted to this story. It is truly into the future, just 😯wow! I bet many people out in the world would pay a lot to do this, amazing! You are the coolest person I know ❤️ So much love and blessings coming your way, 🥰😍😘❤️
    Though you have this, your fantastic and brave, with a beautiful golden heart
    Love you

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