May 13th 2020. Today I take inventory of my mind, spirit, and body.

I begin with my body. I am feeling at ease in my body. I am relaxed and there is little tension. My coordination and balance are improving with each wonderful session with my physical therapist. And tomorrow at this time, I will be participating in my first hyperbaric chamber treatment. It is a fascinating experience. I wear a giant helmet like a deep sea diver. They pump pure oxygen into my bubble helmet. And the entire room gets pressurized as if I was about 33′ below sea level. They actually call the treatments “dives”! And just to add to the experience, the whole room is covered in a deep-sea mural. How cool is that! I love science and good design. I will do this 2 hour treatment every weekday for 40 days.

My spirit is strong. I feel love in all aspects of my being. I heal myself thru this love. I project the love out into the world. I try in this uncertain time to focus on this positive wave. I know things are scary, but I don’t fear. I don’t have room in my brain for doubt.

My mind is focused. I am centered on daily goals. And I am able to communicate again with ease. I see positive changes happening. All is well and I am safe.

4 Replies to “May 13th 2020. Today I take inventory of my mind, spirit, and body.”

  1. David

    You write so beautifully and it all sounds exactly like the right path to take. I love how strong you sound with the knowledge that this treatment is right and you are inviting it in to heal you!! You are loved 😘 The world needs more of you and your magnificent ❤️ heart Be safe


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