April 6th 2020. Today I hide.

I wish that wasn’t the only way to avoid getting the deadly virus, but as more lives across the planet are threatened; isolation and containment are our strongest defense.

So I dream of a parallel universe, one where love kills this virus. How fabulous would it be if the cure was a good old gin and tonic! And by kissing your loved ones, immunity spread. Where the sun zapped the entire world’s air and UV rays erased all traces of disease.

I can hide from Covid and take precautions. But I can’t hide from cancer. This reality rests on my head far more often than this newest pandemic. Perhaps the virus is helping me take a break from thinking about my own personal uphill battle. According to the CDC:

In 2019, there will be an estimated 1,762,450 new cancer cases diagnosed and 606,880 cancer deaths in the United States.

So far, Covid has taken 8,910 precious souls from the US. So what is the takeaway…

Live your life and be happy. Yes, take extreme caution. But don’t forget to dream, to love, to inspire, to create. And when this current pandemic is over, don’t forget about all the other countless diseases that have ravished our world. Support local and national efforts to transform our healthcare system so no one has to suffer any further from ignorance and denial. We are a strong race of humankind. So be it… KIND.

(Soap box removed) I turn back to my own health. MRI from last week revealed positive and continually hopeful results. Most if not almost all of the tumor has died or is in the process of dying. So now my neuro oncology team needs to focus on reducing the amount of necrosis in my brain. Necrosis in layman’s terms is another way to describe dead brain tissue. So in addition to months more of oral chemotherapy, I am going to try to get insurance approval for an IV infusion treatment with a drug called Avastin. In addition, they also want me to start doing treatments in a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber. I hear Justin Bieber sleeps in one? Isn’t that special! HA!

All of my treatment will revolve around trying to reduce all my brain swelling and washing away (in a sense) as much dead brain tissue as possible. Surgery to remove these deads areas of my brain has still not been recommended, and simply because the tumor location is right near my ventricles. So much of the tumor has died, that the dead tissue has shifted the midline of my brain. This is not a “problem” perse, just a statement of brain symmetry and to demonstrate that all the treatment I have been doing has really shaken things up.

So let’s continue to stir the pot on all levels, and see if that magical elixir called life will continue to bless us all with health, happiness, and love.

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