March 13th, 2020. Today I hide.

No really, I have quarantined myself at home. I can not and will not take any chances. And having sacrificed as much as I have already, and fought as hard as I have, I must continue to preserve my health as best as possible.

For those who have written to me about blood transfusions for my low platelets, I am aware of this option. But we are only looking at a minor setback, for now. There might come a time that this escalates to a transfusion, but for now we wait to see if my amazing healing body can build my platelets up on their own.

So I hunker down and lay low with the rest of humanity. We are all in this one together. Stay safe. Stay protected as best you can. And just remember your weakened immunity brother’s and sisters’ who are the ones that will suffer the most. My brain cancer support group was cancelled as a result of this pandemic. I guess my outlook is… things could always be worse.

Today I may be stuck sitting at home cleaning every square inch of my home with Lysol, but it needed a good scrub. Today I may be absorbed in a jigsaw puzzle to pass the time, but my brain needed a good work out. Today I may be hiding from the coronavirus, but maybe Disney+ came out at exactly the right time to keep my eternal smile bright. Yes, we are all F@#KED right now. But things could always be worse. I think Anne Frank said it best:

“I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart”.

The Diary of Anne Frank.

And we the people will heal, and pray, and love, and fight. We will all stay healthy because we have to for each other!

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