Tuesday March 10th 2020. Today I wait.

Just a quick update that my father is doing well. He has been home from the hospital for several days and is doing really great. If I didn’t know what he had been through medically, I’d say he is doing better than ever. I guess I know from where I get my resilience.

The reason I wait is I still don’t have my blood test results back. But I hope by the end of the day. If my platelets are back up in numbers, I can begin my monthly chemotherapy. My dad being the jokester he is went thru the cupboard and found the smallest ceramic plates we have. He placed them on the counter and told me that I could use the small plates in my count. “Isn’t a small plate considered a platelet?” If only Mr. Slivinski it was that easy. But I’d I am thankful for his humor, because it makes me reassured that his mind is firing on all cylinders.

One Reply to “Tuesday March 10th 2020. Today I wait.”

  1. Thanks for the positive news on your Dad. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts & prayers. Hoping you get some positive news on you bloody. Keep up your positive outlook.

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