Friday March 6th 2020. Today I take a two steps forward and one step back.

My dear followers. Need your thoughts and prayers now for my father. He is in the hospital. He has had several minor strokes, close to 12. It is causing cognitive problems and his blood pressure is through the roof. Medication can help and is our primary source of therapy at this point.

And then there is my platelet count. It is low, very low. So my oncologist can’t administer chemo therapy because the drugs could cause internal bleeding without the ability for the blood to clot. The condition is called Thrombocytopenia. As a result of this turn of events I have reluctantly and at the heeded advice of my doctors decided to stop working. I am not going to smile and put on a happy face. My body needs to heal and it can’t in a state of stress.

So this is one of those points along the journey when I throw up my hands and think … this is bullshit. I am so over this. But we have to paddle through it. One stroke at a time. And by stroke, I mean stroke of the paddle. Send healing thoughts my way and my father’s. We need a little love right now.

5 Replies to “Friday March 6th 2020. Today I take a two steps forward and one step back.”

  1. David- you don’t me and I don’t you. I am just a fellow RE alum who has been following your story in awe of your strength, bravery, honesty, and raw humanness. I will be praying for you, your father and all those that surround you in this journey.


  2. It’s a battle, and battle is fatiguing beyond the sane bounds of human endurance. But still — battle on, for the stakes are everything. Easy for me to say, I’m not in the trenches under fire. But battle on.


  3. My dear David, I’m so sorry hear that. I have you both in my prayers. Please keep me posted. Love you guys with all my heart!!!


  4. David, my mom & I are keeping you & your Dad in our thoughts & prayers. I truly believe in the positive power of prayer. Please keep us updated. Thanks


  5. You’re on a horrible roller coaster. I am concerned for you and your dad. Please give him my love and perhaps tease him a bit about maple syrup for me, if the timing is right.


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