Monday March 2nd 2020. Today I reach out.

I have been very quiet these last several weeks. And it’s not because I haven’t wanted to journal, but it’s because I haven’t had the time. Haven’t been busy with trivial life matters and work situations in quite some time. And that is refreshing.

I have an oncology appointment on Wednesday of this week. I don’t expect any grand reveals until my next brain scan. So there is a bit of a break in my schedule.

Returning back to work has been a huge challenge, I am not going to lie. I have had to put the training wheels back on. And in doing so I have observed and discovered many weaknesses. I am not upset by it, doing so would not help my confidence. But I am aware of my newly developed deficiencies, keenly so. So I work through a new work life balance and try my best to keep up.

And I always return to the same thought that life is lived on a scale. We balance as best we can, teetering between breakdowns and discoveries. I am so thankful for my spirit that guides me with humor, grace, and humility. Today the scale feels level, the pendulum at rest, and my positive perspective shines brighter than the sun.

And a big AND… I am dating someone. I will leave you with a little shot of romance to think about. Have a balanced and fantastic day, friends. May love fill our hearts in this dismal time. And cover your mouth properly when you cough!

3 Replies to “Monday March 2nd 2020. Today I reach out.”

  1. You are amazing and you will TOTALLY beat this thing ! But I am UMBET excited you are dating someone he better be extraordinary to you because you are the best catch of all😘
    Be happy sweetheart I send my love and admiration


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