February 11th 2020. Today I received a gift.

MRI with Profusion.

The blue represents the area of my tumor that is dead. The yellow represents tissue that is in the process of dying. And that tiny spec of red are the remaining active cancer cells receiving blood.

What does this mean? It means I am winning the battle. It means all the prayers and thoughts are working. It means that the radiation treatment was very effective. It means I now have proof that my positivity from day one has turned the tide. It means I have “years and years” of life left. Those are the exact words from my oncologist. It means that this battle will not defeat me, it will define me. And my purpose continues to move me in the direction of a higher calling.

I stay the course. I stay on the keto diet. I stay on 10 more months of chemotherapy treatments for one week each month. This will continue to suppress cancer growth, suppress the cancer cells that remain in my blood stream, and starve the tumor.

When I began this sail I thought the glorious light coming from the horizon was sunset. But now I see clearly. The light is dawn. It was always dawn. And I am awake.

8 Replies to “February 11th 2020. Today I received a gift.”

  1. Thank God for blessing you with this fantastic news. Prayer is very powerful. So extremely happy for you & your family. Keep up your positive path of life

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  2. I don’t know you personally but I’ve heard such, such great things from Jessie about you and I have been following the posts that she shares, so I almost feel like I do. I am happy to hear you are kicking cancers butt! Keep the strong positivity!


  3. David! Can’t believe I missed this for the past two weeks! This is by far the happiest news I’ve heard in a long long time and has made me love this world again. A world with a happy, healthy David is the best there is. Keep it up, don’t relent! I’m already raising a glass of Tempranillo with you in my heart!!

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