Thursday February 6th 2020. Today I remember.

6 months ago this week, I laid in bed at the Swedish Institute in Seattle. I had just seen the mass in my head projected on a CT scan in my hospital room, and was told I had brain cancer. I remember James buying me a personal sized Key Lime Pie, my favorite. I remember laughing with Keith and Stefano about how I was flirting will all the hot male nurses. I remember bonding with one of my nurses named Kayley, and what a kindred spirit we shared. I remember feeling blessed to have been surrounded by love at my most trying time. I remember my first meal, thai, the night I left the hospital. And remember how comfortable I felt being with my chosen family in their home.

6 months ago this week, I didn’t know how I was going to make it back to Phoenix. I had no treatment plan, just a referral to one of the most prestigious neurological institutes in the country. I didn’t know that said institute was down the street from the home I had just purchased. I didn’t know how amazing my support group was in Phoenix who practically moved me in to my home. It was a fierce effort of love, led by my Sister-in-Law and Brother, Krystal and Stephen. And who can forget my dear friend Michael, who took care of so many personal details; I owe him a lifetime of thanks. And he continues to help me by being a great health advocate.

6 months ago this week, I couldn’t have wished for a greater reception of love. I couldn’t have possibly imagined seeing more of my friends and family than ever before. I savor all the visitors I have had since my diagnosis: Christa, James, Keith, Stefano, Crista (yes, I have two) , Rachel, Lorena, Aunt Cindy, Shannon, Kelly, Bridget, Noelia, Belinda, Danielle, Emily, Taylor, Bethann, Adam, Celeste… and that only includes out of towners!!! The locals get to hear me all the time thank them… at least I hope they know how grateful I am of everyone in my life. And of course there is loving support of my Dad. I can only imagine what he felt that fateful day last July when he learned about his son’s condition.

6 months ago this week my life changed forever. The course is not complete. I still have so much left to do. I have nephews to inspire, journals to publish, houses to design, and prayers to answer.

6 months is also the time I was told was my worse case life expectancy. Guess what people… I’m still here. I am a brain cancer survivor. I survive it everyday. And I will continue to survive. So help me God…

Note: MRI results delayed due to a comedy of errors. But I promise to post the results as soon as I get them.

3 Replies to “Thursday February 6th 2020. Today I remember.”

  1. Six months ago you told us you is you were going to fight this, and that’s exactly what you’ve done. I never heard you question why me, or hear you feel sorry for yourself. Your strength and bravery inspire me and your ability to conjure your special brand of humor through it all is certainly appreciated. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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