Monday February 3rd 2020. Today I smile.

I smile from my morning espresso. Well, two morning espressos is my new norm. I smile at dawn’s light creeping into my eastern windows. I smile with the singing song birds. I smile at the fact that I am breathing and sustaining my life in that breath. And I smile as the hot water from my perfect home’s water heater hits my skin and steam rises clouding my glass enclosure.

“Simple joys have a simple way that say why not go ahead.” So why not smile as the roller coaster of life reaches its pinnacle height before the plunge? As my mom taught me, the worst thing that can ever happen to me has already happened. My fate was sealed as I buckled into my coaster of life long before I was aware. And of course I believe in having power over my own destiny, but maybe relinquishing this power to my higher being and just riding the track is all I can do today. Strap myself in with a smile on my face, two espressos as fuel, and enjoy the ride. Maybe I will even lift my hands in the air during free fall? Or clench tightly to the lap bar? Either way, the track determines my path. And merrily we roll along.

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