January 23rd 2020. Today I woke up to order.

There is an order to my life that I could never create on my own. Synchronicities of chance that like x and y in an algebra equation were placed perfectly in balance. These miracle circumstances continue to fill my everyday. And I am blessed with gratitude that I can now see these events as precious miracles.

People appear in my life when I am ready for them. Just like my everyday miracles. And just as the people that were placed along my path, I was placed along theirs. We often see relationships from only our point of view. Just like it’s hard for me to see my true self from within myself, our relationships are no different. So I ask myself to look beyond the rewards I receive from the people in my life and be proud of the contributions I have made to others.

I may not be able to change the world with kindness and gratitude, but I can certainly change my self. I embrace myself in loving kindness, just as this world has granted me.

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