December 17th 2019. Today I let go of worry.

Having seen some co-workers and supervisors today for breakfast, I was left with a warm place in my heart for the world of California Closets Phoenix. As much as I have inspired them, they too have inspired me. Gratitude is not directional. Gratitude instead is much more subtle like a wave length. The more gratitude one feels, the higher the vibration. We either take away this energy, by clouding our judgment with past mistakes. Or we add to this energy by lighting the way for others. Staying in the moment of this energy could be fleeting at times. But when we feel these waves of gratitude, our whole physical being improves.

Chemo Cycle #2 is now complete. I am grateful. 2nd MRI is scheduled for next week. I am grateful. And meeting with my Neuro Oncologist right after Christmas to review my results. I am so very grateful.

I thought at this point people would have tuned out, lost interest, or simply gotten bored. But it’s almost the opposite. As time passes my dear followers have cherished what I have had to say in this silly journal even more. And their faith in me has only increased my faith that everything will work out. It always works out. Just as it’s meant to be. So I don’t worry. Well, not as much as I used too. And I am grateful for this perspective (wink).

2 Replies to “December 17th 2019. Today I let go of worry.”

  1. How can I say this without sounding like I’m thinking of myself? Because I’m not thinking of myself, but your journal and daily messages Always speak to me personally. I love hearing about your progress, courage and gratitude. By reading your journal entries naturally you in turn make me feel progress, courage and gratitude about whatever I am facing for the day. You not only are helping yourself, but unknowingly you help others. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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