December 9th 2019. Today I retrace my steps.

Life moves so fast. And like the white rabbit, I piddle paddle down the path late for my next appointment. Hurried, rushed, and stern I make schedules that keep me up at night with worry. And all this on medical leave of absence. So, what am I in a hurry to do? Get busy living, I guess… Because certainly I am not getting busy dying. Way too much to accomplish.

And then I am left with the age old question: If money was not an option, what would I do with my time? I think we all ask this question. Better said and with much more chutzpah is the quote: “Know thyself.”

I know me. And I “do” me. There is no escaping it. The key is trusting in myself to know that the decisions I make are all part of a playbook. The playbook includes everyone. It’s in constant change and evolution. But as the players, we stay on course by simply being ourselves who we are meant to be.

This Saturday as many may have seen from social media, I had the pleasure of participating in the local Phoenix Brain Tumor Walk. My participation in the walk was organized by my amazing team of colleagues at California Closets. And on a sign along the finishing line were the words: “In honor of David Slivinski”. And unbenounced to all around me, I got very emotional. Not because of the overwhelming support I receive everyday from friends and family, but because I had a flash-forward and I read the sign: “In memory of David Slivinski.”

I don’t want to ever be just a memory. I want to work as hard as I can, with the time I have left, to create a legacy. A legacy of love, of creativity, of spirituality, of music and dance, of theater and art, of design, of strength, of courage, and of unending hope. My legacy, granted to me by the universe, is unique to me. It is me. It has always been and will always be. So all I am left to do on this magnificent planet is to just be “me.” Finding peace with myself, knowing myself, and being myself are all that define me. I am my legacy. I am David. And I continue to fight.

2 Replies to “December 9th 2019. Today I retrace my steps.”

  1. Hey David !
    Zack sent me your message. I’m glad you are doing so good, I knew you would. How you see yourself in relation to things can alter the quantum mechanics of events and circumstances to a great extent. Reality is a lot more fluid than we’ve been led to believe.David, continue to reinvent the way and the way will reinvent you.I
    You have super awareness.

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  2. David,
    You are amazing and I wish you joy and the best of everything every day. So Thankful for your positive and inspirational messages – a gift to us all❤️

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