David’s Story

May 13th 2020. Today I take inventory of my mind, spirit, and body.

I begin with my body. I am feeling at ease in my body. I am relaxed and there is little tension. My coordination and balance are improving with each wonderful session with my physical therapist. And tomorrow at this time, I will be participating in my first hyperbaric chamber treatment. It is a fascinating experience. …

April 8th 2020.

Suffered from a very painful Pulmonary Embolism yesterday. In the hospital recovering and getting multiple tests. But I am safe, breathing great, and being cared for by a great team. Love to all!

Friday March 6th 2020. Today I take a two steps forward and one step back.

My dear followers. Need your thoughts and prayers now for my father. He is in the hospital. He has had several minor strokes, close to 12. It is causing cognitive problems and his blood pressure is through the roof. Medication can help and is our primary source of therapy at this point. And then there …

January 28th 2020. Today I went to a support group for brain tumor survivors.

And unexpectedly the meeting had a very adverse effect. I looked around the room, at married couples holding each other’s hands in support, and I just couldn’t hold back the feeling that I don’t deserve this at my age. I felt angry. I felt betrayed in some way. I felt alone. In a room full …

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